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Monday, October 4, 2010


Here, the Founding Fathers argue their points, as they square off as parts of Washington's Cabinet.

Hamilton, tells Jefferson why the newly formed United States needs a Treasury and centralized government in the HBO miniseries, John Adams. Jefferson always suspected Hamilton and the Treasury were corrupt, but upon ascending to the presidency, his own Secretary of Treasury, Albert Gallatin, called it the most perfect system ever formed and any changes would be devastating. Jefferson had no choice but to cede to Hamilton's system.


cvalenti2 said...

I like this video but I blanked out for most of it. The video exemplified alot of what was stated in the book too. For example, Hamilton expressed his opinion of the future being mainly industrial, I think it was John Adams (Paul G.) talked about how the government needed to be run on checks and balances, etc.
At the end of the video why did the president say "Mr. President and nothing more"? I must have missed something during the video.

Yazan said...

wait...hold up...times out. why did washington give john adams the boot? but otherwise it is a somewhat interesting. i liked when jefferson says: i feel the revolution was in vain if a virginia farmer is held in stock(idk what he said)to a new york stock jobber who in turn is held in stock to a london banker."i think it makes sense. but then again, both sides make sense.
also, when reading the textbook, i get the idea that hamilton and jefferson were like enemies; but in the video, they seem to be somewhat civil but trying to invite the contempt from the silent cabinet members to hamilton or jefferson, depending on who's talking

Ross said...

yea im with sarah. i watched the entire video, tuned in, and still had no idea what the source of George Washington's hostility was towards John Adams. But, other than that, I believe it was a very good video that only strengthened my understanding of the views that Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and John Adams possessed on the matter of strengthening and fortifying our central government by way of a National Treasury.