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Monday, November 29, 2010

10 Abraham Lincoln Facts | Top 10 Lists |

Interesting : 10 Abraham Lincoln Facts | Top 10 Lists |


cvalenti2 said...

10. Now I know the purpose of a haberdashery
9. Not only am I 2 inches shorter than James Madison but now I'm a foot and 2 inches shorter than Abe Lincoln!:(
6. What did his invention do?- I don't understand that description.
4. First he's melancholy, then he is a vampire hunter, now he's psychic, what is he?
3. Now he's making connections with his dead sons...?!
-His open take on Christianity is interesting and so are these facts in general.

C said...

They really piqued my interest. It's things like this that make me love history.

Anonymous said...

I'll comment on each item.
10. That is awesome, I wish I had an amazing hat that could carry my belongings.
9. I'm almost as tall as him. Nice.
8. That is sad that he has no more living heirs, and really unfortunate.
7. That just messes with your brain when you think about it, the relations of the Booths is odd, as well as the whole assassination idea.
6. We have that quality in common, though I doubt I'd build a device to haul boats over shoals.
5. I remember hearing about that in 8th grade.
4. That is actually extremely interesting. I kind of want to look into that.
3. This man is quite awesome, dabbling in the occult as well as being psychic. What next, is he going to battle Minotaurs and Griffins in Narnia?
2. Why say you're christian when you aren't in a church? Not quite sure his reasoning on that.
1. If it's just just that that speech was his best, how do we know it was even close?
Yeah those are my takes on this, it was really interesting. -Mike E.