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Monday, February 21, 2011

More Progressivism and World War I

Chapter 32 focuses on the administration of Woodrow Wilson.  His policies concerning Mexico are a point of interest.  However, the focus for the AP exam should be on his domestic policies (especially regarding the economy).  Many progressive movements come to fruition during this administration, especially the movements for a federal income tax, woman's suffrage, and eventually prohibition.

Chapter 33 focuses on America and its involvement with World War I.  Known at the time as the Great War, it was considered a war to end all wars.  We know that to not be true.  Still, American policies at home during this period are quite interesting, and lead to some interesting effects in the 1920s.  Additionally, one cannot overlook military policies regarding segregation.  This period was one of many social contradictions.

Chapter 32 Resources

Chapter 33 Resources
Class Presentation: World War I Presentation

Assignment: Complete the two online quizzes for the following chapters by Sunday, 2/27/11, by 11:59 PM
The following resources may prove useful in studying the varying viewpoints civil rights issues of the Progressive Era

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    Yazan said...

    I think that this video spent more time introducing and ending each section than playing them.
    I didn't listen to all of the video, only the first few ones about WW1 and the Munich pact and concentration camps. The commentator is very biased against the Germans. I don't think that his info is all that biased because he just presented a whole bunch of information, but the way he presented it and his tone is obviously pro-American/Allies.
    Did anyone else notice his voice and tone?