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Friday, October 5, 2012

America's Polish Hero

Today in class, we looked at European allies aiding the American War effort.  One person that was left out was

Tadeusz Kościuszko

He was instrumental in choosing the American position at the Battle of Saratoga, fortifying Philadelphia, and building the defenses that kept West Point from being surrendered to the British by Benedict Arnold. After the war, inspired by the sentiments of America's Declaration of Independence as well as the Revolution, he returned to his native land, and helped lead an attempt to declare independence from the Russian Empire.

I mentioned, "New York State possesses two Kosciuszko Bridges- one (in Latham on I-87 just north of Albany as well as on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway) with an accompampanying subway stop on the Kosciuszko Street (BMT Jamaica Line). There is another Kosciuszko Bridge that crosses the Naugatuck River in Naugatuck, Connecticut."

Learn more about this little known hero of the Revolution from:
The Polish-American Center
The National Park Service (Podcast available)


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