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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another snow day?

Snow days used to be awesome.  Now, they're kind of a bummer. Personally, one or two would be fine by me. I could modify and adjust.  But many are a dangerous thing. With the vast expanse of US History to cover in AP US History by early May, snow days can be come quite stressful. If, like the end of the year, the AP exam moved, it would be one thing.  But that date was set in stone before our school year began, May 15. In fact, I already know that next year's exam is on May 14.

What's the point of this post? Well, we survived a hurricane. But to add this blizzard...well, nobody has time for that.  Who's going stir crazy with cabin fever? I know that I am.

Before we left class on Wednesday, I gave the A Day students a copy of Friday's work, preparing for the storm. I just want to remind you of that.  However, since Monday is now cancelled, we've got a B day we're going to miss as well. We're missing our lesson on immigration and urbanization from Chapter 25 (everyone received an assignment when they left the last class), there are mini lessons* below to accompany those. I don't know what to do, other than to provide you with the materials.  Additionally, the homework from Friday/Monday is attached as well. Please everyone try to take care of the following flipped class lessons, and complete the Chapter 26 notes, and guide, as well.

Chapter 25 - Immigration & Urbanization - Note Guide (In case you still need to use it, I tried to put the flipped lessons in order with the note guide)

  1. The Growth of Cities 
  2. Immigration Changes & New Immigration
  3. Reactions & The Revival of Nativism
  4. Social Changes due to Urbanization/Immigration
  5. Other Social Issues of Urbanization

Chapter 26 - The West & Populism -You can find the Chapter 26 note guide HERE and the study guide HERE. (The Study Guide was the HW from the class we missed).

  1. Native Americans and Issues on the Plains (A review)
  2. Native Resistance
  3. Relocation, Reservation, and the Dawes Act (Note significance of Helen Hunt Jackson's A Century of Dishonor)
  4. Competition among Farmers, Miners, and Cattlemen
  5. Farming as a Big Business
  6. The end of the Frontier (Note significance of Fredrick Jackson Turner's Frontier Thesis)
  7. Farmer's Revolt Part 1: Populism
  8. Farmer's Revolt Part 2: The Election of 1896 (Note significance of William Jennings Bryan's Cross of Gold speech)

Also, if you haven't seen the film Far & Away, here's a great scene, it looks at a Land Grab under the Homestead Act, and the origin of the term Oklahoma Sooner.  Really, this film is a great one to encompass everything we've seen in this unit: immigration, urbanization, the railroad boom, people moving west, and gaining land under the Homestead Act.

*Note: The links for the mini lessons take a few seconds to load all the media. Be patient.

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