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Friday, February 14, 2014

Another snow day, and some vacation...


When the week began, I gave out the work for over break, in the hopes that students would begin early, and work over time.  What I did not anticipate was not seeing you all for 13 days or so.  That being said, I’m not sure how many students would have brought things home.  That being said, I’ve got it all digitally.  Here is everything that is due after break, minus the vocabulary (that’ll be posted to Edline).  Remember, we’ve got exactly 3 months (88 days and 19 hours or so) until the APUSH exam, and after that, no more homework…I promise. Everything from that point on will be done in class (that’s a month and a half!).

Readings (these are from an earlier edition, so the chapter #s don’t match up, but they are the same text as our in class APUSH textbook, should students not have theirs at home):

Study Guides:

DBQ Essays (students were assigned EITHER DBQ 13 or 14.  Both are attached, though from a newer version of the book they came from.  Please type, double-spacing, the completed essay in Google Docs [please proof read!!!], and share to by 11:59 PM on Sunday 02/23/2014.  Make sure I have the ability to comment, as well.):

Note-taking Guides (OPTIONAL):

There are also John Green’s Crash Course US History videos (see 29 and 31).  And the great review videos over at Education Portal. Not to mention, there are always notes available.

Classes will finish presentations and do the test after break.  Then, the students and I will regroup and reschedule the rest of the year at that point.  If all else fails, don’t forget, you have the 5 Steps to a 5 review books to help students with these chapters AND students should begin reviewing NOW for the APUSH exam if it hasn’t begun already.

Be careful shoveling yourselves out.  Remember to use your legs.  I’ll see everyone after break.

Warm wishes,

Mr. Pagliaro

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