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Monday, December 15, 2014

Unit 5, Flipped Classroom-Sectionalism and the Slavery Controversy in the Antebellum Period

Use the resources below to prepare for class.  Students are expected to bring notes on the materials to class in order to fuel class discussion and course activities.  Coming to class unprepared will severely limit a student's understanding of the topics.

Popular Sovereignty and Westward Expansion

The Kansas-Nebraska Act (not visible on Apple Products, instead use this link) and Bleeding Kansas
How was popular sovereignty fueled by personal greed? How did it fuel the flames of sectionalism? What effects of this act were so controversial?

  • This was the best Bill presented to congress because it..."...[Removes] all past compromises with slavery and makes all future compromises impossible. Thus it puts freedom and slavery face to face and bids them to grapple. Who can doubt the result?" ~ Charles Sumner, Senator, Massachusetts.

The Sack of Lawrence - Brief reading (1 webpage)
The Pottawatomie Creek Massacre - Brief reading (1 webpage)

 The Brooks-Sumner Affair 1 - Brief reading (1 webpage)
The Brooks-Sumner Affair 2 - Brief reading (1 webpage)

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